Breakthrough Golf Swing Instruction For All Levels

Welcome to the golf swing genius website. The information here will help you build a consistent golf swing and improve distance, accuracy, and lower your scores. Tips to improve every area of your game are available including an Ebook that will give you a complete system to a better golf swing. The step by step instructions and simple explanations will make it easy for anyone to learn and apply the information. 

I'm a successful teaching professional and enjoy helping golfers improve their games and lower their scores. My students often see huge improvements in their swings and their games.  

I help my students understand the golf swing in an easy way without overloading them with too much technical information. You could break the swing down into so many different parts and components that it would take months or years to make changes to it. The way I teach the golf swing is simple and changes occur in a relatively quick amount of time.

Learning the correct fundamentals of the golf swing will help you play your best golf consistently. The smaller details tend to take care of themselves if you get the important parts correct. I think it's important to focus on the setup, swing path/plane, maintaining your angles correctly and staying level for most of the swing. Things like tempo, balance, and having a good transition are also big keys to improving and building consistency.

I hope you enjoy this website and find some great golf swing tips that you can apply to your game. There are tips on the full swing, short game, putting, and the mental game to help golfers of all skill levels. More content and articles will be added regularly so check back for updates.