Improve Your Acceleration
Through Impact

Accelerating in the golf swing will help you hit better shots and increase distance. Many golfers decelerate without even realizing they are doing this. It’s typically a beginner problem but intermediate level golfers can add more distance and improve their shots by working on this.

The speed and momentum of the swing gradually build so you are going the fastest through the impact zone. When this is done correctly, the club also tends to stay on a better swing path. Slowing down can happen from trying to guide or control the club too much. It’s important to let the clubhead swing freely and gain speed as you approach contact with the ball.

There are several drills that can help you improve your acceleration through impact. One drill is to make practice swings and swing slow motion during the backswing, transition, and first half of the downswing. Once the club gets to about halfway in the downswing then try to swing as fast as you can. This drill gives you the feeling of when you are supposed to start accelerating in the swing. 

The second drill that is very helpful is to try swinging at different speeds. Start with a practice swing and only swing at 50 percent. Then try a swing at 60 percent, then 70 percent, and then swing at 80 percent. Gradually increasing the speed helps to give you a better feel for how to swing faster.

We don’t want to lose control and swing 100 percent. The pros on tour average about 81 percent with their swing speeds. I tell my students to try and swing 70 to 80 percent. When working on your swing or making changes, it can help to slow down a little. 70 to 80 percent is a great range to swing at. You want to always have the feel or sense of where your club and your arms are at as you are swinging. If you swing 90 or 100 percent, you’re probably losing control and won’t be able to maintain a consistent swing path.

Another drill that can help accelerating is flipping your club upside down and making practice swings. Hold the club at the end of the shaft and a couple feet off the ground. Make practice swings trying to hear the swoosh sound. Try to make the swoosh as loud as you can and really try to swing fast through impact.

Hopefully these tips and drills will help you increase your clubhead speed and hit more solid and longer golf shots.

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