Exaggerate the Opposite to
Change Your Swing Faster

Making a swing change can take some time, but this will definitely speed up the process.  
Many things in the golf swing are a balance where you can overdo something one way or the other. Your swing path or plane can be too flat or too steep. Your clubface can be too open or too closed through impact. In the setup, you can stand too close to the ball or too far away. You can bend too low or stand too tall.

Let's say you are slicing the ball and want to hit it straight. Work on the things that would make you hook the ball. If your clubface is open at impact, try to hit the ball with a closed clubface. Don't try to hit the ball straight, try to hit it left. What usually happens is by trying to hit it left, you'll probably start hitting your shots straighter. 

Exaggerating the opposite can work for many issues. If your swing plane is too steep you want to feel that you're swinging more around your body. The club should be over the right shoulder at the top of the swing, not over your neck or head. When working on your golf swing, it's helpful to have checkpoints. The checkpoint for the swing plane at the top of your backswing is swinging over the right shoulder.

Eventually, if you keep trying to exaggerate the opposite you will overdo it. Many golfers take a golf lesson and they are told to do change something and if they work on the issue enough, they will often overdo it and have the opposite problem. It's helpful to know the checkpoint of exactly where you want to be with the swing position so you can avoid actually overdoing or overcorrecting it.

Pay attention to what you're ball flight is doing. That is going to give you the best feedback on where your swing positions are. If you are working on fixing a slice and you start hooking the ball, you know you don't need to keep exaggerating the things that make you hook it. Then you would try to hit the ball straight.

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