How To Hit Longer Drives

If you want to hit longer drives here are some tips you can try: 

1) Increase Your Clubhead Speed

Maximizing your clubhead speed will definitely increase the distance of your tee shots with the driver.  It's important to accelerate correctly through impact and follow through all the way. Try making practice swings at different speeds so you can get the feel of swinging faster while still maintaining good balance.

2) Keep The Club In Front Of You

Many golfers who slice or lose distance are out of sync with their arms and body. From the start of the downswing they spin their shoulders open and the arms get stuck behind them on the way down. At impact, you want to have your arms in front of you so everything comes through together. When you body is too open through impact you only get the power from your arms so it will be a weaker hit and lead to less distance.

3) Wind Up And Make A Full Shoulder Turn

You may need to work on your flexibility and start stretching to be able to do this. I recommend trying to get as close as possible to a 90 degree shoulder turn at the top of the backswing. 

4) Get Your Backswing In Good Sequence And Coil Correctly

Your upper body needs to wind up and coil while the lower body resists in the first half of the backswing. Golfers who turn their upper and lower body together lose the correct sequencing of the swing and can't make a powerful downswing.

Feel that the legs and hips are stable and start the backswing with the shoulders and arms moving together. Once you have gotten to halfway back in the backswing, then let the hips and shoulders move together to the top. 

5) Make A Slight Pause At The Top Of The Backswing

Pausing at the top of the swing helps you transition more smoothly. Don't rush the start of the downswing because you will lose power through impact. The speed of the swing builds so you want to be accelerating the second half of the downswing and through impact. If a golfer doesn't pause at the top you lose momentum and power in the downswing. 

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