Improve Your Golf Shot Contact

Improve your golf shot contact and you'll see a big difference in your scores and your overall game. Hitting the ball with solid contact is the first step to playing better golf. Once you can hit the ball solid, then it's much easier to work on things like getting more distance or improving your direction.

Here we will go over some important keys to improve your golf shot contact. With the irons, it's important to hit down correctly on the ball. Swinging too much on the way up with an iron can cause thin and fat shots and often lead to topping the ball. 

To hit the irons more solid, make sure to start out with a correct setup position and lean the shaft forward in the setup. The club should come into impact leaning forward with the hands an inch or two ahead of the ball. The irons are designed to be hit on the way down and the loft of the club is what gets the ball up in the air. 

To hit better drives with better contact, try to focus on things like your swing path and squaring the clubhead up through impact. The driver swing is more like a sweeping motion through impact. Even hitting slightly up on the ball with a driver is okay. 

It's important to keep the clubhead low to the ground through impact. Making the bottom of the swing arc more like a U shape and less like a V shape is also helpful when it comes to striking the ball more solidly. A wider swing arc through the impact zone gives you a longer amount of time to make good contact.

Why Solid Contact Is Very Important For Playing Great Golf

Hitting the ball solid makes golf a lot more fun. It's manageable to deal with swing issues if your contact is good. You'll typically slice or hook less when compressing the ball correctly and hitting it in the center of the clubface. 

When I give lessons, I am always trying to first improve the golfer's contact with the ball. The next step is to focus on direction and then the distance can improve. Usually when you are hitting the ball with better contact, you'll naturally get more distance and the ball tends to go straighter. And it's easier to work on other more advanced things after the shots are solid and consistent. 

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