Putting Tips

Improving your putting is a great way to lower your scores quickly. Putting isn't that dependent on athletic ability so most people can learn how to putt better when they know the right technique.

Here we will go over the important keys of a great Putting Stroke. Setting up correctly and getting your eyes over the ball will help you see your lines better on the greens. Also, it's important to aim correctly and have good Putting Alignment.

Green reading is also a skill that will make your putting easier. Try to read you putt from both sides of the hole and look around the green to notice high and low points. 

Speed control on the greens will make it easier to lag putt better and eliminate 3 putts. If you play different courses the speeds of greens will be different so it's important to know how to adjust correctly.

The Putting Stroke is like a pendulum and you want your stroke to be smooth. Try to match the length of the backswing and follow through and keep the putterhead low to the ground. Coming back to impact with a square putterface will help you start your putts on the correct line.

We'll also go over some putting drills that can help with the path of your stroke, speed control, and hitting on the correct line.

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