Knock In Short Putts With Confidence

Tip #1) Keep Your Head Steady.

One of the more common problems that can cause missed short putts is moving your head as you are hitting the ball. On short putts the tendency is to want to look and see if we made the putt or not. For longer putts, you don't know right away if you made it or not so golfers aren't as quick to move their heads. 

I recommend practicing short putts on the practice green and counting to 2 after you hit the ball and then look to see if you made it. This will help you develop the habit of keeping your head still. You could also not move your head at all and just listen for the sound of the ball going into the hole.  

Tip #2) Accelerate Towards The Hole Or Down The Line Of Your Putt.

On shorter putts, golfers might try to guide the ball into the hole and end up decelerating. Accelerating is important because the putter head will naturally stay on a better path. Playing the short putts a little firmer can also help. The firmer you hit your putt the less it will break. 

Try and make your follow through slightly longer than your back stroke. On most putts, we want to match the length of the back stroke and the follow through. For short putts, a longer follow through can help you accelerate correctly as you are hitting the ball. 

Tip #3) Make Sure Your Putterface Stays Square Through Impact.

This may seem like a simple tip. Try to bring the face back to impact at the same position you set it up at. Trying to focus on this can make a big difference if you are pushing or pulling your putts offline. The arms rotate slightly and open the face on the back stroke and then they rotate closed on the follow through. A lot of rotation with the arms can cause too much room for error. You might want to feel that the putter head and face stays square going back and through so that there isn't much opening and closing. This will make it easier to be consistent at impact with the ball.  

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