Swing Thoughts

Golf swing thoughts are what you are actually thinking about as you make your swing. I recommend having about 1-2 swing thoughts normally. On the driving range or during a lesson, I think the golfer can have 2 swing thoughts. The golf swing happens fast so there isn’t a lot of time to think about more than 2 things.

On the golf course, you may find it helpful to only have 1 swing thought. Typically, while on the course or playing in a competitive match or tournament it works best to have 1 simple swing thought.

When playing golf on the actual golf course, the best swing thoughts are generally the simplest. For example, I always liked to use the thought of swinging the club towards the target through impact and into the beginning of my follow through. Or a thought about tempo or balance can be helpful.

Swing Thought vs. Swing Feeling

When we are talking about a swing thought, a better way to describe that might be a swing feeling. For example, let’s say you are working on staying down in your swing or maintaining your knee flex through impact and staying level. When you are thinking the thought about your knees you’re up in your head. But it would be better to actually focus on the feeling of the knees staying flexed in the swing.

So it’s not really a swing thought, it’s just trying to focus on doing something while you are swing. A swing thought just means what you are trying to focus on doing as you are actually swinging.

How Technical Should You Be

It’s better to be technical on the range while working on adjusting or changing something. On the golf course, you have to trust what you practiced at the range and keep it as simple as possible.

Another simple swing thought I like is trying to swing the club over the right shoulder on the backswing and over the left shoulder on the downswing. If you are doing this, you’re probably going to be on a pretty good swing plane and path.

Practicing golf swing drills can also help you ingrain positive habits and changes to your swing successfully so things will feel more automatic when you are playing on the course.

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